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01 January 0001

Please take a couple of minutes to complete our single page feedback form. Your feedback is important to us in order to make improvements.

When you booked your ski holiday
What did you think of the Ski Weekends booking process?
How did you find using the website?
Your travel experience to & from resort
If you arrived at Geneva Airport, what did you think of the Ski Weekends welcome?
How was the transfer to/from the resort?
Please tell us about your hotel/chalet/apartment
Your overall impression of the hotel/chalet/apartment where you stayed
Cleanliness of hotel/chalet
Quality of food at breakfast
Quality of food at dinner
Our staff in resort
How helpful were they?
How friendly were they?
How presentable were they?
How knowledgeable were they?
How did we do?
Overall, how was your stay with us?
Please rate this holiday package
How likely are you to recommend to your friends/family/colleagues? (Where 0 is not at all and 10 is extremely likely)

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