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The story of an addicted seasonnaire

01 January 0001

Katie Kemp

Over the years, SkiWeekends have had many committed seasonnaire’s living their ski dreams whilst making our customers happy. Hosting our incredible chalets and cooking delicious meals for our guests as well as keeping them comfortable and skiing as much as possible! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a seasonnaire? Well, Katie is here to tell you what it is like working for SkiWeekends as our longest serving seasonnaire of 5 years!

Tell us about your first season?

It was an adventure! It was everything I expected, and nothing like I expected all at once. I think your first season leaves you with a sense of nostalgia that you always long for a little bit but can never quite be repeated. I made amazing friends, improved my snowboarding more than I ever expected - and probably made my liver hate me a little more than ever before with the amount of toffee vodka consumed!


What do you love about working as part of the SW team?

We’re not a massive team, so everyone gets to know each other so well during training and stays well connected with each other throughout the winter even across all our different resorts. I love Snowboarding, I love my job, I love how well Skiweekends look after and value us as staff, and the small friendly community in ski resorts.

What do you do in the summers?

I’m usually doing something with cooking! I spent four summers working at a sleep away camp in the USA as the cooking activity head, last summer I was travelling around Europe as an on-road chef for a tour company, and this summer I’m staying in the UK and working at a cookery school, teaching next season’s chalet hosts all they need to know!


What’s the best thing about doing ski seasons?

The people, the snow and the fun! You get to spend 5 months in a community of people who have the same interests as you and are all there to enjoy life and have fun. Most people only get a week per year to enjoy the mountains, and on a season we’re lucky enough to get to ski or snowboard more in 5 months than many people get in a lifetime. You work hard, but play harder, what more could you want in life?


Fancy working for SkiWeekends this season? Make your ski dreams come true this winter and apply at for more information!


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