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Cheap ski breaks 'have health benefits'

02 November 2009
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Schussing and slaloming down a mountain is not only fun, but can also have significant health benefits for people on cheap ski breaks, one specialist has said.

A number of posts on recently stated that short ski holidays can give the vacationer a number of unique workouts and help to improve all-round fitness.

According to one poster known as MelkyFan24, those on bargain ski holidays can target their core every time they head down the slopes, which will in turn enhance stability and balance.

The commentator added that other physical benefits include using the arms and legs to stop and turn, a sentiment echoed by NZSnow who said those who do this can have "rock-hard thighs, good core muscles and if you do cross country skiing or anything that uses your arms - arm muscles".

Meanwhile, Greg Wiggins, president of fitness specialist AlpenQuest, said that those travelling on ski holidays in France this winter should prepare their body beforehand by training in the gym.

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