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Swiss Glaciers Shrinking

09 July 2009
Glaciers are large masses of ice, snow and debris that tend to flow downwards under their own rate. They are formed over long periods from the accumulation of snow in regions where the annual snowfall far exceeds the amount that melts.

The scientists found that Swiss glaciers have lost in the region of 12% of ice over the past decade due to rising temperatures and lighter snowfalls:

"The last decade was the worst decade that we have had in the last 150 years. We lost a lot of water," said Daniel Farinotti, research assistant at the ETH.

What makes this research all the more alarming is that glacier melting is set to continue as global warming continues apace. Indeed, the report states that temperatures in the Swiss Alps are expected to increase by 1.8 degrees in the winter and 2.7 degrees in the summer by 2050.

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