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The Wombles of Ski Resorts

17 August 2010
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Where does that cigarette butt and chocolate bar wrapper go, that gets dropped on the mountain, particularly from the chair lifts during the winter ski season or the summer walking and biking season?  It sits in the snow until the spring melt or gets blown into trees and eventually onto the meadow floor, often where cows or chamois graze in the summer. 

If it wasn't for volunteers - the Alps very own Wombles -  this litter would build up and blot the beauty of the mountains and endanger the animals grazing there.  Recently 65 volunteers picked 517kg of rubbish up from the pistes of Val d'Isere, which included 12,000 cigarette ends!  This was an improvement on last years Val d'Isere pick of 735kg!

Throughout French ski resorts, volunteers give up their time to come together to remove litter every year. On your next ski break bear this in mind, take your rubbish home with you and politely ask others to do so as they drop their litter in front of you. You know you will be doing your bit to keep the piste clear for all to enjoy and safe for the wildlife to live.

Posted by Sarah Nelmes


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