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Ski holidays in Les Arcs 'a hidden gem'

17 March 2010
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People venturing on skiing holidays in Les Arcs are in resort which can truly be considered the hidden gem of European ski destinations, according to one source.

The Move Channel observed that skiing holidays in Les Arcs provide travellers with not only some of the most spectacular views on the continent, but also the feeling that they are in a select bunch able to savour the atmosphere.

"It is the ideal resort for experienced skiers and beginners alike. The traditional Savoyard architecture, stunning scenery and relaxed family atmosphere attract real mountain lovers," the source explained.

The website added that the popularity of skiing holidays in Les Arcs will only increase in 2010 as word of mouth spreads and more people realise how stunning the area is.

Recently, a weather report by the Ski Club of Great Britain stated that there has been exceptional snowfall in Les Arcs in recent days, providing perfect conditions for skiing holidays.

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Posted by Marianne Pang


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