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Find the right goggles for your ski trip

05 April 2013
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People who are heading to the slopes for late-season ski trips need to be more careful with their eyesight now that the sun is more likely to put in an appearance.

According to Liz Segre, editorial director of, a pair of specialist ski goggles is a must when packing for a winter sports break.

"The main feature to [look for] when choosing a ski goggle is the lens tint," she said.

Amber tints work best in both low-level light and on very bright days, so you might want to choose a pair that caters for all eventualities. Another advantage is that amber tints deepen the contrast between shadows and highlights in the snow so that skiers can better judge where the lumps and bumps are found.

"Polarised, darker lenses are great for days when it's very bright outside, with a lot of glare. They keep your eyes more comfortable. And for grey, cloudy days - rose-tinted lenses are good," Ms Segre said.

Keen snow sports enthusiasts who are likely to be exploring a variety of routes in all sorts of conditions might want to pack two or three different pairs of goggles so that they can choose which ones work best once they have determined the light situation.

Alternatively, they could purchase goggles that allow the user to change the lenses whenever they wish, so if there is low visibility in the early morning and bright sunshine later on, skiers can quickly switch to the most appropriate lenses and be on their way.

The fit of your goggles is another thing to watch out for, the eyewear expert noted. "If you wear a helmet, as so many people do now, try on the goggles with your helmet to make sure they are centred properly and feel comfortable," she advised.

Wearing the correct helmet and eye shades will decrease your chances of having a collision or developing 'snow blindness', an irreversible eye condition that can affect your vision.

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