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Combat des Reines

07 September 2011

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On the 25th September, Les Houches will host the local tradition of cow fighting. Although this sounds barbaric, there are no enraged bulls or matadors. The spectacle is a tradition that has originated from allowing the cows to fight to establish a peaking order. The cows are sorted into age and weight and then two are put in a ring to battle it out... although it's not quite as action packed as boxing and normally has at least a few mins break whilst the cows eat grass, the rural atmosphere and crowds of people make the evening fun. There's also normally a bit of Yodelling some Alpine horns and some local food to taste. If your looking to do something a bit different with your holiday time why not go skiing, the French Alps are perfect for skiing with many world class resorts... With Ski Weekends you can get a fantastic ski weekend or ski week away at an even better price. Our most popular ski resorts are: Meribel, Morzine and Chamonix.   


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