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Ski holidays 'a great way to get fit'

28 November 2011
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With the new year approaching, plenty of people will be looking at how they can trim down and get fit, and one great way of achieving this is by going on ski holidays, one source has noted.

According to Metro, ski weekends are not only "enormous fun", but can also help people to get in shape by working their bodies in ways they are not accustomed to.

The newspaper recommended people prepare for their journey to the slopes by doing gentle exercise beforehand, such as pilates, which can help to strengthen their core and prepare their body for the trip.

Physiotherapist Glenn Withers, co-founder of the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute, commented: "External forces – such as the terrain – are usually out of our control but those generated by the skier – the internal forces such as muscle power, endurance, mobility and flexibility – can be controlled."

Doing the right stretches and things such as yoga can boost flexibility and ensure people are fully prepared for their ski weekends, the expert added.

Recently, fitness expert Chris Moran, writing for the Guardian, advised people heading on ski holidays in the coming weeks to start doing some exercise that will stimulate the stress their bodies will encounter on the slopes.

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