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'Be sure to prepare' before ski weekends

05 December 2011
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People heading away on ski holidays in the near future can help to maximise their enjoyment of the trip by preparing beforehand with some exercises, one expert has advised.

Dr Robert Dimeff, professor of orthopaedic surgery, pediatrics, and family and community medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern, said that getting in shape before hitting the ski trails is among the best ways to prepare, especially if people haven't been skiing in a while.

Experts at UT Southwestern Medical Center's orthopaedic sports medicine programme advise winter sports enthusiasts that preparation is critical when it comes to avoiding injuries, and Dr Dimeff said there are number of ways they can do this.

Exercises to strengthen the body's core and legs, particularly the abdominal, lower back, hip and lower leg muscles, are all effective, and this may include abdominal crunches, back extensions, squats, lunges and balance exercises.

"Any exercise regimen, however, should be coordinated with your primary care physician, or a sports medicine specialist for more advanced athletes, to be sure it takes into account your health history," the expert added.

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