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Discover Saas Fee's three world records

16 December 2013
Aside from being one of the most scenic ski resorts in the Alps, the Swiss town of Saas Fee also offers attractions and facilities that are head and shoulders above those found in most other snowspots - literally. With peaks measuring up to 4,000 m surrounding the town on all sides, it is blessed with a fantastic selection of high altitude slopes, most of which are split between the Allalin and Plaatjen areas.

However, while skiing is obviously the number one pursuit in Saas Fee, there are a number of other excellent activities to take part in here, many of which are as notable for their altitude as for their excellence. In fact, several of the resort's top attractions actually hold world records for being the highest of their kind in the world.

Metro Allalin

The Metro Allalin, which runs from the Felskinn to Mattelallalin stations, is the world's highest underground funicular railway, and provides access to some of the most breathtaking views and exhilarating ski slopes anywhere in the Alps. From here, visitors can appreciate the natural beauty of this spectacular region in all its glory, with fantastic vistas of the famous glacier and the 4,027 m tall Allalinhorn, as well as all the other peaks that surround the town of Saas Fee itseld.

Views are a major component of Saas Fee's charm, and with the town itself being car-free, a trip here is sure to provide a more idyllic experience than holidays in other ski resorts.

Disembarking the Metro Allalin, you'll be in close proximity to Saas Fee's two other record-breaking attractions.


One of the things that makes Saas Fee such a fantastic ski location is its glacier, which provides skiable terrain practically all year round. Often visited by the Swiss ski team during the summer, when slopes elsewhere are closed, it's one of the best spots in Switzerland for some out-of-season alpine action. Aside from this, the glacier also refrigerates the whole valley, which helps make Saas Fee one of the most snow-sure locations in the world.

However, the glacier also has yet another trick up its sleeve, with the world's largest ice grotto being located within its entrails. Spanning some 5,500 m sq, this incredible cavity in the heart of the glacier is a fascinating place to explore, and features its own ice playground. Visitors can learn all about the geology that goes into the formation of glaciers, coming away with all sorts of fascinating snowflakes of knowledge about the age of this incredible icy giant, as well as the answers to questions about what life forms live within it.

A trip to the Eispavillon is an absolute must for all visitors to Saas Fee and provides a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon away from the slopes.

Threes!xty Soul Kitchen

Also located on the Mitelallalin mountain is the world's highest revolving restaurant, the Threes!xty Soul Kitchen. As well as offering a superb menu of high-class food, the eatery also provides some amazing views. Conversation tends to struggle to get off the ground here as diners find themselves mesmerised with the spectacle on the other side of the window, with views stretching all the way to Milan on clear days.ADNFCR-1958-ID-801672943-ADNFCR

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