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23 September 2009
As ski innovations continue to make off piste more accessible, an increasing number of skiers and boarders are looking for new experiences - and of course this means that education and awareness about off piste safety is of upmost importance.

To get the low down on how to stay safe and have fun in the off piste, Henry's Avalanche Talk has teamed up with Ski Club UK and Snow and Rock in order to run the UK Off Piste & Avalanche Awareness Tour.

The tour, which will take place at six different venues, will be a series of dynamic high quality audio visual presentations looking at how to have fun off piste whilst staying safe. There will also be three practical avalanche transceiver training courses that focus on search and rescue for off-piste groups.

The dates of the UK Off-piste and Avalanche Awareness Tour are as follows:

Tues 3rd November - Covent Garden Snow+Rock, 7pm

Weds 4th November - Gateshead Snow+Rock, 7pm

Thurs 5th November - Chill Factore Snow+Rock, 7pm

Tues 10th November - Chertsey/M25 Snow+Rock, 7pm

Weds 11th November - Kensington Snow+Rock, 7pm

Thurs 12th November - Bristol Snow+Rock, 7pm

Tickets can be purchased from the Ski Club website and cost £7 for the Talks (£6 for Ski Club members) and £35 for the avalanche transceiver training.

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