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French Pyrenees

01 January 0001

Ax-les thermes in the French Pyrenees

What do we love about skiing in the French Pyrenees?

There are only a few hundred miles between the French Alps and the French Pyrenees but the differences are so great in some ways that these two fantastic ski regions could be a world apart.

The Pyrenees tend to be sunnier with a little more brightness (they’re that bit further south of course) and the atmosphere has something of the Mediterranean to it – unsurprising as ‘The Med’ is not far away.

Despite the southerly latitude the snow record of the region is very good however, and long term snowfall records show that some of the ski areas in the Pyrenees are up there amongst the snowiest in France.     

The scenery is surprisingly impressive too, visitors to Andorra may think of the Pyrenees as rather rounded, almost like big hills, but on the French side they take on a more spectacular appearance.

Of course there are not the giant ski areas on the Alps further north but most areas are certainly big enough to provide a week’s entertainment and multi-resort passes are available. You may also enjoy the more intimate, friendly feel, great authentic food and typically lower prices than you’re used to in France.

Ski Weekends resorts in the French Pyrenees

To find out more about skiing in the French Pyrenees email [email protected] or call one of our Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971


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