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01 January 0001
Ski at sunset in Are

What do we love about skiing in Scandinavia?

“Cold, dark and expensive” are the three completely inaccurate criticisms of Scandinavian skiing. Saying that, with the warm winters we’ve been having in the Alps recently, cold may not be such a bad thing – we are wanting snow after all. But expensive no more, the pound has risen in value against Scandinavian currencies in recent years and the exchange rate is much more on a par with the Euro-zone, although lift passes are cheaper.

Dark? Well unless you’re heading up to the Arctic not noticeable, the latitude isn’t much higher than the UK and floodlighting of the slopes is the norm.

Ski Weekends resorts in Scandinavia

skiing in Scandinavia

So let’s move on to the undisputed positives. Scandinavia’s skiing, once the most popular destination for Brits, is in renaissance. There are new lifts, great runs, excellent restaurants and of course those friendly Scandinavians speaking perfect English and making your ski holiday that much simpler with their no-nonsense approach to life.

Oh and that cold weather? Well as well as meaning the snow falls down to resort level, it also means the snow keeps its integrity (stays light and fluffy) longer rather than getting in to that freeze-thaw cycle, so it’s better to ski on and the season last longer –most Scandinavian areas stay open in to May.

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