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  • Repeatedly named as one of the world’s best ski resorts by numerous international travel magazines is testament to the fact that Åre can rival some of the best-known Alpine resorts.

  • Operating as a winter sports resort for over 100 years now, Åre has grown into one of the largest ski resorts in Scandinavia.

  • Made up of 4 areas that are all linked by a regular ski bus: Duved, Tegefjäll, Central Åre and Åre Björnen.

  • Just 220miles South of the Arctic Circle, Åre boasts a fantastic snow record with a season that starts at the end of November and continues right through to early May.

  • Great intermediate skiing with lots of blue and red runs around the resort, there are also several black runs to have some fun on and some nice easy green runs for the rookies in the group.

Åre is made up of 4 different areas which are known as Duved, Tegefjäll, central Åre and Åre Björnen. Duved and Tegefjäll are linked to each other and are only around 5-10 minutes away from central Åre itself on the ski bus. On the other side of central Åre is Åre Björnen that is linked with the central Åre ski area. These two areas make up the largest area of the resort and feature a great mix of runs for all levels from the greens all the way through to the black runs. Out of these two, Åre Björnen is the better for beginners with plenty of green and blue runs to work yourself through, whilst the more advanced skiers will find more pleasure over at central Åre where you can take on a ‘free with your lift pass’ timed race course to really ramp up the competition between your family and friends!

With over 100 years in the snow sports industry, Åre is certainly living up to expectations with the resort constantly popping up amongst the worlds biggest and best resorts in different international travel magazines, which says a lot about what it has to offer. Night skiing is becoming more commonplace in ski resorts now, and you will not be disappointed when you arrive in Åre as you can do it here as well! On top of that, they also offer the opportunity to ski some fresh groomers in the morning before anyone else with skiing from 07:15 to 09:00 – to take part you must be able to ski/snowboard a red run and this is only available during certain parts of the season, but if you fit the bill, we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity for a remarkable ski experience!

Take a look below at our breakdown to find out more information relevant to your ability:


Whilst advanced skiers may not have tonnes of tough stuff to ski, they will still be able to have plenty of fun with what the resort offers. With around 100 kilometers of pisted runs it is unlikely that you will exhaust all the resort has to offer before the end of your trip, but if you do, you can always have a go on the off piste! The black runs back into resort are good fun (black 56 – also opened for night skiing as well as black 71) and Duved is also nice and cruisey and worth a trip!


Åre is a great resort for intermediates of all levels with some lovely tree-lined blue runs to some tough reds from the summit. There is plenty to ski but the wide and quiet slopes are perfect for cruising around the mountain, and with the good lift systems, you won’t have to queue for long and can make the most of your time here! All the areas are good for intermediate skiers to head, but Duved and Tegefjäll are worth spending some time at, and why not challenge yourself to get from Ullådalen over to Åre Björnen and back with some of the tougher runs that lay in between!


Beginners won’t have many issues around Åre with plenty of spots to build up some passion for skiing! The best spot is over at Åre Björnen where the runs are exclusively green and blue runs making it the perfect spot to learn to ski and progress through the techniques! Another recommended spot would be up at Rödkullen and around Ullådalen where there are some nice green and blue runs to play around on.


For snowboarders, there are a lot of draglifts, both T-bars and button lifts which may be an issue for the less experienced riders, though for more advanced snowboarders if you want to avoid them you will need to stay around the tougher runs in the resort! Elsewhere there is a snow park which has some features for kids and the bigger jumps which are often used by professionals during the season, but don’t forget about the fun slope which - is of course very fun - but will let you keep your skis firmly on the snow!


The off-piste in Åre gets some mixed reviews, whilst there are definitely lines you can ski on Åreskutan some find it not steep enough, but there are other spots to try as well such as the two hidden valley runs and the back side of the mountain – for doing these we recommend getting yourself a guide to show you the sweet spots and they will make sure you don’t come back disappointed! If that is all a bit too much, then you can still have plenty of fun through the trees in the lower part of the resort!

*Ski Weekends strongly advise that off piste skiing should only be undertaken when in the company of a professional ski instructor or guide.

To find out more about skiing in Åre, feel free to contact one of our friendly Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971 or email

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