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SKI Area

  • Split into 3 main areas – Bonascre, Saquet and Campels (hence the ski area name Ax 3 Domaines).

  • Ax-Les-Thermes may not be the biggest in the world, but with 80km of pistes, there is something for everyone.

  • There is a great beginner area on the Plateau De Bonascre which is the perfect spot to study those snowploughs on the Poussins lift.

  • Perfect resort for progression with some nice green runs, plenty of blues, some challenging reds and some gnarly blacks will keep you going back for more!

  • Tackle the Olympique run from the top of the TSD 6 Tute all the way to the bottom of the Savis chairlift.

One of France’s best-kept secrets, Ax Les Thermes is a captivating ski resort that caters well for all concerned. The ski area – Ax 3 Domaines – is easily accessed from Ax Les Thermes via the Ax-Station which takes you from 720m to the Plateau de Bonascre at 1400m. This Plateau acts as the main gateway to the ski area and is where you will find various rental shops and ski school meeting areas. Round here is where the main beginner area can be found and mastered before heading off to the 3 Domaines – Bonascre, Saquet and Campels – which all offer a nice variety of runs for all levels.

The ski area is pretty extensive considering that it has 80km of pisted runs, but it also has some wonderful views which really come to the fore on those spring ski trips! The resort's layout makes it easy to get around with the terrain being nice and open up top towards 2300m, but more restricted down in the trees. The resort has lots of options that suit mixed ability groups such as runs down to Campels and Saquet that have blue, red and black runs that head down to the same areas.

Take a look below at our breakdown to find out more information relevant to your ability:


This is a nice resort for the experienced skier, whilst it may only have 5 black runs, it is a really nice resort to cruise around and take in the scenery as you make your way around each domain. The challenges come from the ‘Olympique’ run which goes from the top of the ‘Ours’ and TSD 6 Tute chairlifts all the way to the bottom of the Savis chairlift. Another fun area to explore is the Domaine du Saquet where you will find the black run ‘Tute’.


There is plenty of skiing to be enjoyed or endured by our intermediate guests! Ax 3 Domaines lends itself perfectly to those guests looking to progress their skiing with 11 blue runs and 10 red runs to work your way through on your ski week or weekend in Ax Les Thermes. The resort suits mixed groups well, so in most cases, where there is a red run, there is a blue run that heads down to a similar spot meaning that groups can stay and ski together all day.


The main beginner area is at Plateau de Bonascre where you first arrive from Ax Les Thermes itself on the Ax-Station down by the ski school meeting areas. The main lift for first timers is Poussins but the Lisière draglift is right next door for those starting to push themselves a bit more. Those ready to take on the mountain can head up the Station Saquet gondola to enjoy the wealth of green runs found up on the plateau, and hopefully, within no time you will find yourself skiing down the Boulevard de la griole bas back down to the Plateau de Bonascre at the end of the day!


The resort lends itself fairly well to snowboarders – there are a few flat spots up towards the top of the Station Saquet where the green runs are, but if you avoid that area then the rest of the resort is easy to navigate without too much issue! Snowboarders looking to have some fun in the park will find it over by the ‘Casse’ lift, but for some nice long runs head towards the back bowls and down into Campels.

Off Piste*

With plenty of tree-lined runs lower down you will find yourself scouting out new routes on each lift you take to pick out the perfect off piste for your next line of the winter! The off piste doesn’t tend to get tracked out too quickly as Ax Les Thermes is a fairly quiet resort (especially out of peak times) which means you get the pick of the off piste. Where the resort opens up a bit towards the summit as well, you will see there are some large open bowls filled with champagne powder that is just waiting to be skied.

* Ski Weekends strongly advise that off piste skiing should only be undertaken when in the company of a professional ski instructor or guide.

To find out more about skiing in Ax Les Thermes, feel free to contact one of our friendly Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971 or email

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