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  • Take the opportunity to hit the slopes early before anyone else with some early skiing from 7 am every Wednesday and Saturday mornings from early February to mid-march.

  • Trysil is Norway’s largest winter resort and has plenty to do on the snow with a vast array of cross-country skiing and around 75kms of pisted runs.

  • The Trysil night skiing is a must – experience the slopes under the floodlights for a different experience to what you get from the mainstream European resorts!

  • Choose from 4 different areas to ski in Trysil: Trysil Turistsenter, Trysil Høyfjellssenter, Høgegga and Skihytta.

  • Trysil is a great resort to navigate around and lends itself well to mixed ability groups. Getting between the different ski areas is relatively simple as the runs higher up are wide and open so it is easy to work out where you are trying to get to!

Trysil is considered Norway’s largest winter resort, and when you find out more about the resort, you will understand! With around 75km of pisted mountain runs and 100km of cross-country ski tracks around the mountain, there is plenty for those looking for adventures on the snow to enjoy a trip to Norway to experience it yourself. The runs do differ around the mountain. With all of the skiing on the one mountain, up the top, you will find they have nice wide and open groomers whilst you will find lower down some great tree-lined runs if you are looking to switch it up a bit. What’s better than this? Well, early morning skiing or night skiing is available on certain days – for the early morning skiing there is only limited spaces so you will need to organise this in advance, night skiing is available on your lift pass.

Trysil’s ski area is made up of four different areas: Trysil Turistsenter, Trysil Høyfjellssenter, Høgegga and Skihytta. Trysil Turistsenter is where you will find the Radisson Blu Resort and has a good mix of terrain from green runs to black 22 coming back down into the resort, it has enough for everyone making it a great spot for mixed ability groups. Trysil Høyfjellssenter is fairly similar but features lots of green runs for beginners to get to grips with, a few blues for the lower intermediates and then the reds for the more advanced skiers – this area has really good links over to Høgegga where you will find the mountain's toughest runs. This area almost exclusively has black runs, but there are a couple of blue runs that end up in the same spot at the bottom of the lifts which means that your group can split up if needs be and still end up at the same place (one of the many perks of this resort!). The final area is Skihytta, which is where you will find the other beginner area (also found in Turistsenter and Høyfjellssenter). This is quite a diverse area as well with a range of different runs to discover during your time in Trysil – you will also see that there is great access to towards the peak with only two lifts needed to get up high with some nice blues leading you all the way back down – or take the red if you fancy something a bit more challenging!

Take a look below at our breakdown to find out more information relevant to your ability:


The best spot for our more experienced guests is Høgegga which is home to some of the toughest runs in resort, not least Black 63 which is a must ski when you are over here. This run attracts people from all over the world including World Cup skiers who often use this as a training run due to the slopes challenging nature. A couple of other must ski runs are Black 75 and Black 30, which go from around the same spot. Black 75 has a 45-degree pitch which goes on for around 700 metres and Black 30 has some rollers which will really get the heart going when at speed!


There is plenty in Trysil for intermediate skiers; the best spots are either around Trysil Turistsenter where there is a great mix of red and blue runs that will help cater for any standard of intermediate skier. The other area is Trysil Høyfjellssenter, but up towards the peak as the runs lower down are green runs. With how the resort is set up, there is nearly always an intermediate alternative next to or near to a harder alternative, so those looking to challenge themselves more, can, and those that don’t can still ski with their friends/family without having to face anything too tough!


With three beginner areas, Trysil caters well for those first time or less experienced skiers with dedicated areas around the mountain to help improve their skiing. The beginner areas are Trysil Turistsenter, Trysil Høyfjellssenter and Skihytta. Perhaps the best area for someone looking to really progress into an all-mountain ski hero would be Trysil Høyfjellssenter, which has a great number of green slopes to tackle after learning the basics.


The resort is more geared toward beginner and intermediates riders, but (similarly with the skiing) there are some black runs to check out down in Høgegga which will provide a nice challenge for the advanced riders. Don’t forget that there is also a snowpark here that is also sometimes open for night riding. The park attracts people from all over due to the great facilities and features, but there is something for everyone, with easier jumps and lines and some great teachers within the ski/snowboard schools.


The off piste is fairly limited in Trysil depending on your ability, though there are some nice lines available from the peak heading down. There is also the opportunity to take on some tree-lined runs through the off piste as you get back down towards the lift bases. In Trysil, you are able to get off piste guiding as well as introductory off piste lessons, which is the perfect way of finding some of the best snow in a safe environment!

* Ski Weekends strongly advise that off piste skiing should only be undertaken when in the company of a professional ski instructor or guide.

To find out more about skiing in Trysil, feel free to contact one of our friendly Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971 or email

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