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James Woods - Freestyle Skier

01 January 0001
James 'Woodsy' Woods - Slopestyle 
Woodsy Freestyle Skier

Fairly new on the scene and hailing from the UK's dry slopes ‘Woodsy’ is making a big impression and is certainly one of Team GB to watch out for. Making his winter games debut he has celebrated by shaving and dyeing some of his (famously long) hair into a Union Jack.

James will be part of the slopestyle team which is also making its Winter Games debut. Slopestyle involves skiers or snowboarders with completely free reign completing a course with tricks from jumps and rails. Points are awarded for the tricks based on size, difficulty and execution.

Aged 22 and from Sheffield he is only two years older than his sport! James grew up trying any sport going but particularly liked skateboarding and roller blading, he only tried skiing after seeing people on the dry slope next to his skate park. He is excited to help introduce slopestyle to the world but is still getting his head round being classed as an athlete after the sport developed with a laid back ‘skater’ culture.

Previously Woodsy has won 5 British National Championships, bronze medal at the 2011 Winter X games in Europe and came third in the King of Style Competition and has won the FIS Freestyle skiing world cup. We can't wait to see him compete at Sochi.

James Woods Slopestyle at Sochi

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