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Snow Conditions in Chamonix

01 January 0001


Generally speaking, Chamonix is a snow sure resort and the season usually lasts well into May. However, some places have better snow than others. For example, Balme is situated in a particularly snowy location and doesn’t struggle for good coverage. With high altitude and slopes facing in all different directions there’s always good snow to be found, you can’t always ski to the bottom of the valley at 1000m, but this really isn’t a problem as the system is escpecially set up for this.   

Snow making in Chamonix has been increased in recent years in many places, including the Flegere which improves access to Brevent. Moreover, snow making is particularly prevalent on the lower beginner slopes.

For the latest snow forecast and current conditions in Chamonix, check out the websites below.,89,en.html

To find out more about snow conditions in Chamonix, feel free to call one of our friendly Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971 or email [email protected]


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