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26 Nov, 2014

Are you ski fit enough?

Ischgl Skiing

What does the Fox say? Blog by Dan Fox

I don't know about you but I've come to terms with the clocks going back, summer is just a memory...although it was quite a good one. Of course, it also means we are now looking forward to the snow!

What I always notice is that as the nights draw in I get less active, so inevitably I head for the gym. Why?

Well, it always amazes me how skiers head for the mountains expecting to be able to ski for 6 or 7 hours each day with little build-up of ski fitness. Most of us spend more time than that sat at a desk staring at a computer, of course, it doesn't take that long to book a Skiweekend holiday, so a little work to pay for the ski trips is just part of life.

My friends and I have noticed that a little fitness is essential to get the most from a ski short break and that if you are going for a week a couple of easy days is the best approach. I'm not that old, in fact technically I'm not even middle-aged yet (I'm delusional) but it really does make a difference to my ski break if I can get active 3 or 4 times a week. I also think the very best way to prevent fatigue or a ski injury is to get supply.

Many of our Ski Weekends customers go on multiple trips each year, I'm lucky enough to say me too, not surprisingly the more I ski the fitter I get! I would say to anyone that if you make a bit of effort before your first ski trip it will pay back in the fantastic ski holiday you'll have. Just maintain it through the ski season.

Personally, I always find I indulge in some rich good food and perhaps the odd tipple, whether I'm on a luxury ski break with fine dining and wine or a last-minute ski trip. What I do find is a bit of extra exercise makes me feel better about the extra "ski fuel" I take on!

So if you #loveski then love your body too! A bit of work beforehand will give you more smiles and miles!

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