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Self-Drive Ski Trips

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Why not go on an adventure this ski season?


For many of us, the days when a couple of us could jump on a plane with an overnight bag to head out for a few days skiing are well and truly behind us. Our group sizes have slowly increased along with the amount of gear we need to bring. What's the point of having all this expensive kit if you leave it at home and hire it when you arrive? I for one, may not have all the ideas but I certainly like to have all the gear! 

So have you thought about going on an adventure this ski season and driving to the Alps? 

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Self-driving is perfect for you, you can get four or five in a car, store all your gear in the boot or on a roof rack and be in the Alps in 8-10 hours from Calais. You can even turn the trip into an adventure by planning different routes, stopping over in different places or if you're like some of the SkiWeekends Ski Experts, head straight to the slopes to maximise your ski time. 


Cost Savings


If we haven't already piqued your sense of adventure then talking about the cost savings may. You started saving money from the moment you set off - no airport parking charges or taxi fares. 

No early starts and getting everyone together to get to the airport, loading, unloading and lugging your gear through the airports. No more cold sweats as you check-in praying you haven't gone over your luggage limits or getting stung with oversized/excess baggage charges. 

Driving straight to the resort, you're not paying for flights, transfers, just your accommodation so massive savings to be had right there. Having your own transport means you can do a shop when you arrive, stocking up on beer, wines and snacks instead of purchasing in the resort. Since you have all your gear with you then you don't have to go queue at the hire shop, paying to hire what you've left at home. 

You show up, grab your lift passes and you're on the slopes in no time. Having your car handy means it's easy to explore, try different resorts, drive to that restaurant you've always wanted to try - the possibilities are endless. 


Less CO2 per person


CO2  flying | Self Drive Ski Trips | Environmentally friendly


Not only that, choosing to travel by car to the Alps your CO2 is around 66kg per person whilst flying including transfers are around 133kg per person so you're doing your bit to save and protect the planet. 


Parking at our chalets


The good news is that we have parking available at Chalet Basse Chapelle, Chalet Haute Chapelle and Chalet Monique.  Spaces are limited and it's worth reserving at the time of booking then your chalet hosts will make sure the space is clear of snow for your arrival. 


Avoriaz Outdoor Car Park | Self-Drive Ski Trip | Parking | Adventure


Avoriaz is a car-free resort but they have a handy car park at the entrance to the resort. Charges apply (12€ for outdoor parking per day / 70€ for the week) but we always recommend paying extra to park indoors (4€ per day difference) - if there is a sudden dump of snow then you may find yourself having to find and dig your car out when you leave! This happened to one of our Ski Experts and after seeing the photos we wouldn't want this to happen to you! 

 To find out more or to book your next ski trip, please give one of our Ski Experts a call on .

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