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Snowboarding is bigger than ever with vast numbers of people strapping on a board every winter here are some useful hints and tips at getting the most out of your Snowboarding holiday

Snowboarding is generally more difficult to learn than skiing but once you master the basics you should be able to get a lot better, faster than you would on skis. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time falling down to start with! Perseverance is the key word when snowboarding is concerned - if you feel like you are having the worst day ever just stick at it and the rewards will soon come.

Board Anatomy

It’s important to know your snowboarding gear so here’s a breakdown of what the snowboard consists of 

  • Bindings – Binds your feet to the board
  • Tail – points up the mountain
  • Nose – points down the mountain
  • Toe edge – the edge of the board closest to your toes
  • Heel edge – the edge of the board closest to your heels

Once you have made yourself familiar with your board you can then start thinking about snowboarding! There are two ways in which you can get around the mountain. You will either ride

  • Regular – Left foot forward
  • Goofy – Right foot forward

There is no right or wrong way but most people find riding regular the easiest way to start, but just go with what feels natural. You can find out more about snowboarding equipment and lessons and before long you will be gliding down the mountain looking like a real snowboarding Pro.

Snowboarder creating huge powder

Essential Snowboarding Equipment

Much the same as skiing you will need to be prepared for the changes in mountain weather and be able to protect yourself from serious injuries on the slopes

  • Helmet – not compulsory but is it worth risking serious head injury? Never ride without one
  • Wrist guards – have their pro’s and cons but it's down to personal preference
  • Sun cream & lip salve – protect against the sun
  • Board, boots & bindings – obviously!
  • Warm jacket & pants -  we don’t want you getting cold
  • Sunglasses/goggles – you don’t want to go home without the classic panda eyes

Most ski schools throughout the Alps have snowboarding packages that will have you riding the mountain with real confidence and grace. But if you are already a seasoned snowboarding pro and want to experience the thrill and excitement of backcountry riding* then there is no better place than the French Alps.

Strap on your board and enjoy the full-on mountain experience with Ski Weekends. 

*Ski Weekends strongly advise that off-piste skiing should only be undertaken when in the company of a professional ski instructor or guide.