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20 Nov, 2013

The advantages of staying in a ski chalet over a hotel

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When it comes to booking a skiing holiday, it's important to remember that you won't be spending every minute of your trip on the slopes, so you'll need to think carefully about how to get the most out of the time spent away from the snow. Perhaps the biggest decision you'll need to make concerns accommodation, with so many different types of lodging available at most ski resorts.

Many people underestimate the impact of getting this wrong, thinking that all they need is a place to sleep and the rest will take care of itself. However, the reality is that winter sports holidays can be pretty major operations, with all sorts of logistics to bear in mind – from getting to and from the slopes to making sure you have an abundance of food. Having an appropriate base is therefore essential.

Ski chalets offer a number of benefits over hotels, particularly for those travelling in groups, and we'll now explain a few of these advantages.


Depending on how many people you are travelling with, hiring a ski chalet could work out considerably cheaper than staying in a hotel. That's because the overall price of the property can be divided by the number of guests, rather than each person paying a fixed price per night. The more of you there are, the less money you will each have to spend.

Of course, the price of your chalet will depend on how luxurious it is, with a wide range of different styles and sizes on offer. By opting for the most basic chalet – such as a self-catering chalet – you also give yourself the freedom to prepare all your own meals. This can work out considerably cheaper than constantly eating out, and is also a good option for families if the kids are fussy eaters.

Alternatively, catered ski chalets can take the hassle out of cooking while still saving you the expense of constantly dining at restaurants.


Getting to and from the slopes is often one of the most stressful parts of any ski trip, with most people being at the mercy of bus timetables. Queues for public transport can often be pretty long at popular resorts, so it can take an age to get to the pistes.

However, staying in a chalet is a great option for anyone who wants to hire a car – or even bring their own car with them – while at a ski resort. This enables you to move around at your own leisure, and most chalets will have facilities for parking, whereas hotels may not.

Privacy and flexibility

Not having to share your accommodation with other guests is another major advantage of chalets over hotels. This gives you the flexibility to move to your own beat and plan your day however you like, without having to be considerate to others.

For example, meals are usually served at set times in hotels, and all guests have to abide by this. In a chalet, meanwhile, it's up to you when you want to eat. Furthermore, sharing facilities like swimming pools, saunas and games rooms with other people can take away some of the appeal. Of course, not all chalets offer these types of luxuries, but for those who want to go the whole nine yards and hire a property that features all of the above, then the added benefit of having them all to yourself can really add to the sense of lavishness.

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