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17 Dec, 2018

New to Skiing

Piste skiing views

Thinking of booking your first ski trip? It can be quite a daunting prospect with a whole dictionary of weird terminology to get your head around, so much equipment to think about and of course, all that snow! But fear not, because once you know the basics, you’re entering into a fantastic world of new experiences and a sport that can be enjoyed by all the family. To help you on your way, here are a few things worth thinking about before you head out on your first ski trip.

Do your research - Before you even book your trip, have a look at different resorts across Europe (or maybe even further afield). Some resorts are better suited to beginners than others. Look at piste maps to see how many green (beginner) runs are there, read some reviews (such as the star system on the Ski Weekends resort pages) and look to see how many ski schools are in the area.

Pack the right kit – Once you’re all booked up, now the countdown begins! It’s a good idea, if you’re new to snowsports, to purchase all the clothing bit by bit as it can be a bit expensive to buy in one go. The best places to look are sports clothing superstores or even second hand. You don’t need the fanciest kit to get you started, you just need to stay warm! The minimum you will need for a day on the slopes is:

  •           Full thermals – a top and bottoms
  •           A fleece or t-shirt (depending on the temperature)
  •           A warm, waterproof and windproof jacket
  •           A pair of sallopettes (ski trousers) – the more garish the colour the better you’ll ski!!
  •           A neck warmer or ‘tube’
  •           Goggles
  •           Ski socks – very long and very stylish – these will support your feet and will stop ski boots from rubbing
  •           Waterproof gloves – mittens are warmer, but gloves give you more finger movement
  •           Comical costume optional

Book some lessons – It’s never a good idea to step out onto the mountain as a complete beginner. It will be scary and can be dangerous to you and others if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have a dry slope or snowdome near you in the UK, why not book some lessons before you head to the proper slopes? Alternatively, most resorts have a range of ski schools to choose from, offering both private and group lessons.

Learn your dins – One useful piece of terminology to learn before you hit the slopes. This refers to the settings on your skis that determine when they should come off if you fall over. Before you head to the ski hire shop, make sure you know your height and weight (in centimetres and kilograms) and let the shop know you’re a beginner so they can set your skis right to help you avoid injury. It’s also useful to know your shoe size in European sizing so the shop can sort your boots out quickly and get you on the snow as quickly as possible.

Have a great time! – The most important piece of advice to take to the slopes with you though is to have fun. Skiing is one of the most rewarding sports and will keep you going back for more year after year. It is true that skiing is one of the hardest sports to learn but that’s all part of the fun. Enjoy the challenge but don’t feel like you have to push yourself too hard. We all learn at our own pace.

We hope you have a great time on your first trip! See you on the Slopes


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