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Top 5 Reasons to Take A Gap Year

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Top 5 Reasons To Take A Gap Year

At Snow Academy, we think that taking a gap year is a fantastic idea! Doing something productive with your time while away is important so here are our top reasons why we think having a year out is a great opportunity.

Why we think you should go for it!

1) Taking a gap year is a great way to develop life skills, and increases your confidence, the stuff you are not taught in school! You might have a passion for skiing or snowboarding and taking a gap year is perfect to help you become an expert in your chosen field.

2) Gaining qualifications might not be high up on your priority list when planning your Gap Year but if you can incorporate a few qualifications along the way you never know when they may come in useful.

3) A gap year is a great way to enhance your CV. Employers read through hundreds of CVs that all say exactly the same things, but yours might say “In my Gap Year I spent a season in Canada where I qualified as a snowboard instructor”. Much better don’t you think?

4) It’s a great way to give you a new outlook on life – You might have been stuck in school with the same classmates for the last 10 years which might not give you a particularly broad outlook on life. However, whatever you do on your Gap Year you are bound to meet and mix with people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. On our courses, we tend to find that people of all ages mix socially and become good friends, friends who you will stay in touch with for life.

5) It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and is great fun! Sign up today to start your dream career!

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