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Snow boarder in the Austrian mountains


So what about Ischgl’s snow reliability? Well, due to high altitude (with most runs exceeding 1800m) snow conditions are pretty reliable throughout the season. Great snow is further enhanced by the terrific snowmaking facilities that cover almost half of the slopes – including on the Swiss side. General snow management and piste grooming are superb and piste bashers work around the clock ensuring that the cover remains consistent and in good form!

There have been many cases where Ischgl has received large amounts of snow both early and late in the season so snow reliability does not necessarily depend on when you go. What we will say though, Ischgl’s high altitude and fantastic snow management mean you have a better chance than any to encounter some great snow conditions.

To check up on the snow forecast and current snow conditions in Ischgl visit the following websites:

To find out more about snow conditions in Ischgl feel free to call one of our friendly Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971 or email