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17 Jan, 2023

All Change For Apres In Courchevel 1650

Apres Ski Changes Courchevel 1650

Courchevel 1650, also known as Courchevel Moriond, is home to some of the best skiing and apres in Europe and beyond. The less expensive and more characterful option when compared to its sister Courchevel 1850, here you’ll find much better deals when it comes to your after-slope beer.

Courchevel 1650 offers a wide variety of hangouts and party spots, the most raucous of which are usually inhabited by the local ski instructors and seasonaires. From the world renowned La Folie Douce, to the more secluded bars such as Le Pelican, Courchevel Moriond showcases a rocking apres scene that’s well worth a visit.

Courchevel has seen a bit of a shake-up recently in terms of its long-standing bars and pubs. Gone are some of the older apres-ski bars, fortunately most have just seen a name change or have been replaced by very similar offerings. Here’s an outline of the changes...

Changes In The Courchevel 1650 Apres Scene

Le Folie Douce – fear not, the Folie Meribel Courchevel at the mid-station of the Saulire Express is still alive and kicking and is the perfect stop off in the afternoon before you head back over to Courchevel 1650. Just don't drink too much and miss the last's an expensive taxi ride!

Le Bubble Bar - CLOSED – Just a stone's throw away from the bottom of the piste in Courchevel 1650, Le Bubble Bar was home to some of the most entertaining and interesting bar staff in all of France.

Now rebranded as The Seven Kings bar, this new place offers a wide range of lagers, craft beers, gins and cocktails. It even has a barber shop if you need a trim! More upmarket than the old Bubble Bar, but well worth a visit.

Space BarCLOSED - Once offering some of the finest Mutzig pints around, unfortunately Space Bar is now a distant relic in the Courchevel Moriond apres scene. Filled with many hazy, drunken memories, Space bar still occupies a place in many a local’s heart.

Rocky’s Bar – CLOSED - This lively public bar was once integrated with the Ski Olympic's Les Avals hotel in Courchevel 1650. A loss to the local bar scene, Rocky’s bar is no more, but there are countless other new and improved apres ski spots to visit instead.

Funky Fox – A well-known destination to holidaymakers and seasonaires alike, Funky Fox has one major drawing point – it stays open util 4am on most nights! This is the place that people tend to finish their night at, after exploring the other bars in Courchevel 1650. Located near the top end of the resort, you’re sure to find your way here after drinking one too many Affligems.

Le Pelican – Opened in November 2022, this brand-new spot in Courchevel 1650 has been taken too with much gusto, especially from the ski instructors and local seasonaires. Formerly La Boulotte, Le Pelican is slightly more hidden and tucked away than many of the other bars. If you’re looking for a place with great music, drinks and a cheeky dance on the table, this is the place for you.

Apres Changes Courchevel 1650