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4 Feb, 2018

Our favourite runs in the 3 valleys

3 Valley's views from the top

Rosie had some family out to visit in Meribel this week, so this was the perfect opportunity to show them the best skiing we’ve found in the two and a half months we’ve been in the Valleys. We had a nice mix of abilities: one member of the group had never skied on snow before (only dry slope) so was keen to stick to easy blues and cruise down greens. The two others had more skiing experience and so we were happy to push themselves on the odd red run.

We started the week on the Rhodos lift, straight out of the centre of Meribel Chaudanne. The blues and greens around Altiport are great for getting your ski legs back, especially the tree-lined ‘Inuits’ run. It’s meant to be fun for children, but I think that includes big kids too!

Afterwards, we ventured up to the summit of Tougnette where we picked up the famous ‘Jerusalem’ run. It’s a beautiful rolling blue down into the centre of Saint Martin - you can almost hear the choirs singing as you cruise through the stunning scenery.

The next day we explored Courchevel by taking the Saulire lift from Chaudanne. At the summit are some of the most breath-taking views in the 3 Valleys. This particular day the cloud was hanging quite low, so we were stood just above a sea of cloud with the surrounding peaks jutting through, including the majestic Mount Blanc. After a coffee in Courchevel Moriond (formerly 1650), we treated ourselves to more fabulous views from the top of the Pyramids run before blasting down the rolling blue with smiles on our faces!

The next day was the last day skiing for Rosie’s family so we decided to challenge ourselves a little by tackling the daunting Mount Vallon. Accessed by a gondola just above Meribel Mottaret, it is the second highest skiable peak in the Valleys. There are two steep red runs coming back down, one of which is groomed, the other is a little mogully for those who want more of a challenge. It’s worth heading up there purely for the views – you can see right across the national parks and get some truly ‘instaworthy’ shots. The weather was very similar to the previous day with a light cloud belt around the middle of the mountains. This made our decent quite magical. It was freezing cold but glorious sunshine and, as a result, we were surrounded by glittering ice crystals! It was a fantastic end to the week and worthy of celebration at La Folie Douce, just below the Saulire lift.

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