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6 Mar, 2014

Pizza and Pistes: The best Italian cuisine in Courmayeur

Courmayeur ski resort

One of the great things about the Alps is the fact that the mountain range stretches across several different countries, which means skiers are able to experience a number of cultures while enjoying a winter sports holiday. As part of this, holidaymakers have the chance to dine on a range of different national cuisines, so if you're a foodie and a skiing enthusiast then there are loads to get excited about.

On that note, it may be worth looking at Italy as a potential destination for your next trip. Often overlooked in favour of the world-famous resorts that can be found in France and Switzerland, Italy is, in fact, a wonderful place for a skiing holiday, and with a cuisine that's renowned across the globe, there'll certainly be no danger of going hungry.

Courmayeur, which lies in the shadow of Mont Blanc, is the country's premier ski resort, and aside from being home to a vast array of fantastic runs, it also boasts more than 50 restaurants - some of which are Michelin-starred - so this is the perfect place for a foodie ski trip.

Here's a look at a few of the best restaurants in Courmayeur.

Petit Royal

Located in the Hotel Royal Golf, Petit Royal is a Michelin-starred restaurant run by head chef Maura Gosio, who uses locally-sourced ingredients to create traditional Italian alpine dishes such as baccala e ciccioli and carrello dei Dolci. Being one of the more prestigious eateries in the Aosta Valley, the restaurant tends to be in high demand, so booking a table is always advisable.

Cafe Quinson

Like Petit Royal, Cafe Quinson has been awarded a Michelin star and is generally considered to be among the top restaurants in Italy. The menu here is loaded with local specialities, so if you're looking for something a little classier than a slice of pizza then this is certainly the place to come. Of particular note are the fantastic desserts, which include the likes of homemade ice cream, chocolate mousse and tiramisu.

La Terrazza

For something a little less lavish, head to La Terrazza, which is one of the most popular eateries in town and serves a range of Italian classics, including a variety of pizza and pasta dishes. Also known for its lively and welcoming atmosphere, it's a great place to refuel after a day on the slopes.


For a bite to eat while you're on the slopes, try the versatile Chiecco, which serves up a diverse range of cuisines such as Indian and Italian. Located by the drag lift at Plan Checrouit, it's one of many places that are worth checking out when you fancy taking a lunch break.

What to try

When most people think of Italian food, a few obvious dishes tend to spring to mind, although the truth is that the cuisine tends to vary greatly between different regions of the country, and the northern alpine area is no exception. Here are a few of the local delicacies to look out for.

Zuppa Valdosta

Essentially a big bowl of bread and melted Fontina cheese, this is a real must for dairy lovers. It's also very stodgy, which makes it perfect for filling you up after a draining day of skiing.


A type of cured meat that's spiced, aged and then thinly sliced, and is commonly eaten in sandwiches - making it the perfect ingredient for a picnic on the slopes.


This dessert takes more than just its name from Mont Blanc and is also designed to look like the famous mountain. Consisting of roasted chestnuts and mounds of whipped cream, it's the perfect way to finish off a meal in Courmayeur.

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