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4 Feb, 2013

Ski tips for the over-50s

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Ski holidays can be seen as the preserve of the young and fearless, yet research suggests the over-50s are increasingly packing up their salopettes and booking themselves onto winter sports getaways.

Many of them will have never skied before, while others will be well-experienced in the art of schussing down those reds and blacks. With this in mind, travel review site Silver Travel Advisor has put together a list of tips for older skiers looking to make the most of the season.

It suggests picking a resort that does not take you out of your comfort zone because there is no point in spending all that money and then only being able to tackle one or two of the runs. Instead, pick somewhere with a variety of easy and intermediate runs as well as a vibrant après ski scene, so you can go off and explore the various bars and restaurants when you want an afternoon off the slopes.

However, take care not to overdo it on the sauce, because alcohol can affect people differently at elevated heights. It can also be very dehydrating, so make sure you drink plenty of water and take a bottle out with you to sip from when you're hitting the runs. If you do overindulge on the grappa at lunchtime, take the lifts back down to the resort rather than attempt to snowplough your way down, as too much booze can affect your decision-making. It can also invalidate any insurance claim you make as the result of a collision or injury that occurs while under the influence.

It is best, according to the website, to be prepared at all times. That means carrying with you a small medicine kit containing painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills, along with support bandages and a pain-relief spray, so you can quickly patch up a member of your group until help arrives.

Likewise, it is a good idea to keep a piste map on your person at all times. Not only will this help you navigate around the slopes to find the best routes, you can also use it to plan out your morning or afternoon session so that you can get back before the lifts close for the night. Just watch out for those drag lifts and cable cars - the travel review company pointed out that it is all too easy to catch a ski or an elbow as you're disembarking and end up in a heap for all to see.

One good way to avoid an embarrassing lift scenario is to get ski boots that fit perfectly. If you have your own pair you will no doubt have already worn them in properly, but if you are renting them from a store in the resort just ask the assistant to check everything is nice and snug. If your footwear is a tad on the tight side, all you need to do is wrap a scoop of Vaseline or a shake of talcum powder in a sealable plastic bag and tuck it down the front of your shins - this will reduce the friction rubbing significantly, meaning you can ski away to your heart's content without wincing every time you lean forward.

Posted by Bill Sperry

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