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14 Jan, 2019

So much snow!

Best snowfall in the Alps for years

The best start to the season in five years has continued right through to January. Everywhere in the Alps, and most resorts in Europe, have been covered in the white stuff since early December. This has left a great snowpack that has simply been added to as the weeks progressed… meter by meter at a time!

There’s no such thing as too much snow but the huge quantities in such short time frames have proved challenging. However, heavy snowfall and lowered visibility provide a great opportunity to explore the lower-down areas of resorts such as the tree-runs in Courchevel or the famous Jerusalem run to Saint-Martin. And of course, the days after heavy snowfalls, when the sky clears up, are some of the best skiing days of the season.

Yesterday (19th January) was one of those days. Although the snow continued through the morning, by 1 pm the sky opened up for a couple of hours and the sun shone on the beautiful powder fields left behind. We chose to ski in Les Menuires yesterday, as we had visited Chalet Anthony and Chalet Cleopatra to help the chalet hosts out with some housework. We couldn’t have timed it any better and by the time the chores were done, the sun was out.

Although powdery conditions on pistes can be difficult to master, they are the most forgiving of adversaries. Falling over is a funny experience, not a painful one. By the end of the day we were aching all over but grinning from ear to ear and thoroughly ready for a chocolate chaud. 

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