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Activities and events in Arinsal


Arinsal has a great selection of off-the-slope activities to be enjoyed. There is two main activity centres which are based in El Planell, which are easily accessible from Arinsal. These activity centres can be accessed either by busses or taxis or can be skied to using intermediate level runs. It is easy to book any of the activities in Arinsal using the Vallnord main information desks which are based at the top of the gondola.

Ski Bikes
Ever thought you could combine mountain biking with skiing? No? Neither did we! But ski bikes allow you to combine two of your favourite activities. Replace bike wheels with skis and you have yourself a snow-bike. These ski bikes can be rented at €22 an hour from Arinsal and we would highly recommend giving this activity a try. A slightly different way to descend the mountains.

Mushing is the term used to describe being hurtled along the snow on a sledge which is being pulled by huskies. Sound fun? Heading to the neighbouring resort of Pal where the action is based and get ready for an experience you are never going to forget. The dogs take you through the Seturia Forest which has beautiful scenery and costs only €32 for adults and €25 for children.

Despite Arinsal being relatively restrictive in terms of shopping, there are a few ski and snowboard shops as well as souvenir shops to browse. If you want to extensively make the most of Andorra’s duty-free prices then head to Andorra La Vella, Andorra’s capital city where there is a wealth of shops as well as an indoor shopping centre.

Snowshoe Circuits
Swap your skis for snowshoes and enjoy the mountains in a different way. These shoes have a much larger surface area than normal shoes allowing you to glide over the snow rather than sink. This is a great way to experience the scenery in a more unusual way and of course have a good old laugh at your family and friends.

Skidoo riding can be so much fun. Located in Pal, you can take a skidoo excursion along a specially designed route through the mountains. You can even wait until dusk and try skidoo riding at night. Skidoo riding is priced at €50 for 30 mins or €100 for an hour’s night excursion. This is a fantastic way of experiencing the best views of the mountains and getting a chance of ascending up the mountain instead of skiing down!

Caldea Thermal Spa
If you need a relaxing activity after your busy day's skiing then the Caldea Thermal Spa is the place to be. Take a trip to Andorra La Vella, the Capital of Andorra and you’ll find the Caldea Thermal Spa - the largest in Europe. This includes jacuzzi’s, pools, steam rooms and has some outdoor lagoons and an Icelandic bath to relax in. Sit in the thermal pools whilst you watch the light shows which are projected onto the wall – a very atmospheric activity to end your awesome day!

To find out more about skiing in Arinsal, feel free to call one of our ski experts on 023 8020 6971 or email