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Crowds at the bottom of the slopes in Meribel Mottaret

Places for Lunch

There is a great number of places to eat for lunch across the whole 3 Valley ski area, in the Meribel Valley itself it is well worth looking at our Brides Les Bains and Meribel restaurant guides for some more options for a great lunch!

Around Mottaret though, be sure to try out the infamous ‘Mountain Burger’ from the Meribel Mottaret Snack Bar hole in the wall – choose from a great range of different fillings to go with your burger in its French bread bun for a filling lunch, unlike any others! The best thing other than the taste? Well, it would have to be the price, filling yourself up without breaking the bank! Don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like the lunch for you, they have plenty of other lunch options to fill yourself up on for less than 10 euros!

For a nice sit-down meal why not head to Les Pierres Plates at the top of the Pas du Lac lift at around 2730m, which offers a 320-degree view of the 3 Valley’s and an outdoor terrace to bask in the sun whilst enjoying some of the diverse food offerings. Les Pierres Plates do a wide mix of food from local specialities and Savoyard dishes to gourmet Italian food and even snack foods for those looking for something a bit lighter!

Places for Dinner

Our very own Hotel Le Mottaret happens to be home to one of the best restaurants in Meribel Mottaret – Le Café del Mott. A unique dining experience which includes BBQ food and an all you can eat buffet makes for a truly delicious dining experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the Meribel valley! With the choice of burgers, steaks, sausages and vegetarian kebabs amongst others, you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying the gorgeous food and wine. Before tucking into dinner though, why not have a few cocktails whilst sat in the Jacuzzi; just try not to make all your friends too jealous in one evening with all the photos – or us for that matter!

If you are looking to venture out of the hotel, then try out the Pizzeria du Mottaret Restaurant where they serve quite possibly the best pizzas in Meribel, let alone Meribel Mottaret! If pizza is not really your ‘thing’ then fear not as they offer a host of other specialities not least the ‘Cote de Boeuf’ – many past guests have enjoyed it here, and we are sure you will too!

Don’t forget the free shuttle service to Meribel Centre though, as this can open a whole new selection of restaurants to try out in the area! Spoilt for choice? We’d say so! Check out some of the places to dine out in Meribel here.

To find out more about Meribel Mottaret feel free to contact one of our friendly Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971 or email