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An important factor, which very few resorts can boast, is that you are practically guaranteed sunshine throughout your stay! Being so far south, the climate is superb for brushing-up on the deepest ski tan you are likely to get anywhere! Visitors are consistently stunned at how the snow lasts during the typically deep-blue-skied, sun-blazoned days. Much of this is due to the resort organisers working extremely hard at preparing the runs each and every night.

By packing the snow down, even the shallowest of snow bases may be maintained for several weeks even if it does not snow for prolonged periods. In addition to this, the resort is equipped with one of the most advanced snowmaking systems in existence. So that even in the theoretical situation that not so much as a single flake of snow has fallen (which has never happened) the resort organisers still guarantee skiing! This has been proven over the winters of 2005/6, 2006/7 and 2007/8, three seasons where early snowfall was especially limited.

Is Sierra Nevada snow sure? Although located fairly southerly, Sierra Nevada holds onto its snow better than you might expect. To get the best conditions, visiting in mid-winter is advised.

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