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Chamonix in the winter


With the inescapable views of Mont Blanc serving as a dramatic backdrop, skiers from all over the world are drawn to Chamonix by the breath-taking glacial scenery and challenging terrain. Of course in reality, like most highly rated ski resorts, there really is something for everybody. As one of the oldest ski resorts in the book, Chamonix has a substantial history and many even consider it to be at the very centre of the skiing world. Chamonix is not just the snow sport enthusiast’s winter paradise however, but also a year-round resort and the HQ of everything mountaineering focused in the summer. Furthermore, with the added bonus of being only a one hour transfer from Geneva, to many, Chamonix is the perfect destination for a ski weekend and year after year this prestigious ski resort continues to score very highly among Ski Weekend’s guests.

Highly characterful, the streets of the old town are a mixture of old-world elegance and traditional French charm and the cobbled pedestrian centre, with a river that runs through it, is compact and easily accessible. The town is bustling with an overtly international feel and a huge variety when it comes to dining, shopping and partying.

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