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La Clusaz Resort Guide

01 January 0001

La Clusaz in Winter

Although widely known among the French as a charmingly chic ski resort, La Clusaz is still relatively unknown among British skiers, and is fondly referred to by the Ski Weekends team as “The Hidden Gem of the French Alps".

Derived from the name ‘Cluse’ meaning a narrow path between two mountains, La Clusaz was also once commonly referred to as ‘Clusa Locus Dei’ meaning God’s narrow place - a title that is immediately understood after just one visit. Quintessentially French, with a rustic Gallic charm and distinctive traditional architecture all wrapped up in a heart-achingly beautiful Alpine setting, La Clusaz really is a winter masterpiece that oozes romance and, in turn, provides a unique skiing experience that is simply unavailable from the larger French ski resorts. 

Ski resorts like La Clusaz are few and far between. As well as its superb location - being among the best ski resorts near Geneva (within only an hour’s drive and only a few kilometres away from Annecy) La Clusaz is most commonly characterised by its rare authenticity. Rather than a purpose built resort, this is an authentic bustling alpine village teeming with cheerful locals and exciting festivities. It’s safe to say that a ski holiday to La Clusaz ensures more than just great skiing, but rather a wholesome and heart-warming alpine experience. It’s no wonder then that La Clusaz, once a relatively unknown ski resort, is fast becoming popular among visitors as the charming French ski resort that ticks all of the boxes - the ideal spot for a ski weekender!

To find out more about La Clusaz, feel free to contact one of our friendly Ski Experts on 023 8020 6971 or email [email protected]



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